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Alight Consultants is an Electrical Consulting Engineering offering with a client centric focus unlike anything else in the current Queensland market.

With RPEQ Qualified Electrical Engineers and the technical, hands on design experience of Qualified Electricians, we have a very unique perspective
on the industry. Our blend of the theory with the practical ensures that we are focussing on the best technical outcomes for our client with the practical experience to ensure we are applying the right solution.

Over the years, innovation has become synonymous with the word “expensive”. We pride ourselves on Practical Innovation; innovative while maintaining focus on the three critical areas of construction: Time, Cost and Quality. Innovation is not useful if it is impractical, expensive, or just cannot physically be built.

We prioritise regular interaction with our clients and this provides us with perspective; We believe the people you are designing for are the people you should be designing with. We believe that the diversity of our experience is what enables us to find the right solutions. From switchboard building
to health electrical engineering, from demountable construction to specialist sports lighting, our unique experiences are what enable our team to provide consulting services which are distinctive within the rest of the industry.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Medical Electrical Engineering & Hospital Infrastructure
  • Sports Lighting Design, including Televised Lighting solutions
  • Lightning Protection
  • Townhouse Precinct and Residential Precinct Electrical Engineering
  • Obtrusive Lighting (AS4282 Compliance)
  • Education Electrical Engineering (Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
  • Discrimination and Selectivity in Circuit Breaker Selection
  • Office Fitout Electrical Engineering
  • Specialist Lighting Design, including Architectural & Technical lighting
  • Library Electrical Engineering
  • External Lighting Design
  • Lighting Commissioning
  • Industrial Design and Fitout Electrical Engineering
  • General Building Services Electrical Consulting and Review Services
  • Lead Consultant for multi-discipline building services projects

Need something that isn’t listed above? Contact us. If it isn’t within our area of expertise, we’ll be
able to refer you to a specialist from our large network of contacts.

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